Film Equipments in Morocco


Morocco- the land of cultural heritage, magnificent landscapes and vibrant history, which is also known as a ‘paradise’ for film production welcomes you to experience an entirely different atmosphere to shoot a film in Morocco. To ensure the success of a film project, it is critical to use the latest equipments, but they are very expensive. In addition, they get outdated soon and are quite difficult to move around all the time, especially when the filmmaker has selected multiple locations to shoot. Carrying the equipment overseas, besides causing inconvenience also costs filmmakers a significant amount of money in form of custom duty.
How about the idea of renting all required filmmaking equipments in Morocco? We, at Morocco Film Production, own a complete range of advanced filmmaking equipments available on rent, including cameras, light equipments, audio equipments, grips and others.

  • Cameras and camera lenses: We have a comprehensive collection of the latest cameras and camera lenses that will match your requirements of shooting in different locations.
  • Lights: You can choose from a range of spotlights, Softlights, Parlights, Quartzs and other lighting accessories that are essential for shooting even during daytime for improved quality.
  • Grips: GF-8 cranes, cinejibs, espaces, dollies, bazookas, and other grip accessories help in better handling of the equipment.
  • Audio equipments: Cable and wireless microphones, microphone accessories, recorders and other sound equipments will provide flawless recording of the sounds and dialogues of the actors.
  • Military Equipments: There are very few companies that can assist you in this regard, and Filming In Morocco is one of them. At our website, you will get an opportunity to use not just military equipments, but also military persons in documentaries, movies and other productions. 
  • If you are looking for high quality and cost effective film equipments in Morocco, please contact us. Find out more about our services by browsing through the site.