Morocco Film Permits


Before getting started with film shooting in Morocco, it is important to obtainan official film permit from theMoroccan Cinematographic Center, the film production authorization agency that governs all film production projects in Morocco. Set up in 1944 and recognized in 1977, the CCM works in the area of organizing Moroccan film industry and promoting cinema in the country. It also works for promoting the country as a topmost film shooting destination in the world. In recent times, it has introduced a host of other services to perform movie production activities such as sound editing, avid editing, 35mm positive editing and making TV films.

How to get film permits in Morocco
If you are in Morocco to shoot a feature film, then, you will need to attach shooting permit form, copy of film script, credentials letter (for executive production) and the list of technicians required along with the application form. The permit must be appliedfor at least 2 weeks prior to the shooting.
For shooting a video clip, documentary or short film, attach topic summary, script copy, brand’s name or singer’s name, the shooting timetable with exact film locations, and list of Moroccan technicians. You must apply for film permits in Morocco at least one week before the shooting date. On the other hand, if you are planning to shoot a commercial in Morocco, the application form must reach the CCM within 5 days before the shooting, submitted with properly filled form. You need to attach an order-note in name of advertiser (for local advertising company), list of the technicians, shooting plan with film locations and credentials letter for executive production.

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